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Bespoke Digital Solutions


Whatever your aspirations, Sotic have the solution.

Whether it’s a multi-tiered athlete management system, a complex data collection and personalisation strategy, or an accessible and gratifying web app that inspires engagement and drives revenues, we have the experience to provide you with the best possible solution.

Having worked exclusively in sport for 20 years, we understand the many competing and conflicting demands that exist through delivering in a high pressure live environment and that your digital channels must serve many purposes. Sotic will work with your teams and all stakeholders to design and develop a bespoke solution that meets your highest expectations and unique needs.


Next Level User Experience (UX)


We put you and the end user at the heart of everything we do.

Our carefully curated UX process which involves user, customer, market research and analysis, is designed to clearly and articulately define the latest trends, needs and expectations.

We recommend, design and develop these into usable and outstanding products through ideation, prototyping and testing.

No matter the technical complexities, we use empathic, intuitive design to make it easy for administrators and users to simply navigate our systems with great ease.

Robust and Secure Systems


As an AWS certified partner, Sotic’s robust systems are hosted securely in the cloud with horizontal scaling, AI and automation.

It is not just ensuring scalability, optimisation and speed, our R&D and evolving integrations ensure that our clients receive the very best performance available across all channels and devices.

All high profile organisations have concerns around security and cyber-attacks. At Sotic our dedicated teams  not only keep up with the latest in technology advancements and security issues, but also ensure you have a highly qualified team working continually to support, and keep secure, your online presence.

Rich Data


At Sotic, we’re obsessed with how data can be used to enable rich content and UX.

As a sports specialist agency, we understand how statistics can play such a massive part in telling the story of your organisation. This means we are continually pushing the boundaries for unique and innovative ways to visualise and display statistical data in a creative, entertaining and useful manner.

Thanks to our proprietary systems, technology and IP, Sotic have developed integrations with 13 of the world-leading sports statistics providers and typically process upwards of 130,000,000 unique data sets per event.

This enables us to display live results, fixtures, in-game and athlete information in an engaging and informative way to tell the story of your tournaments, events and athletes


Video and Live-Streaming


So much of the story of sport is told through live action and video is key to keeping growing audiences captivated and engaged.

Sotic’s video solution is able to seamlessly integrate with your video provider, link your video to specific  athletes or events and provides yet another fully integrated strand for you to enhance your content and tell a compelling story around your brand.

And if you are not already working with a video provider we can help you develop a channel with Dailymotion which will not only allow you to integrate fully with your platform but also offer the opportunity, should you wish,  to monetise your content worldwide.

24/7 Customer Support


Sport moves fast,  and so do we.

Sotic is famous for its unparalleled service levels which form a huge part of the reason that since 2002, 84% of all our clients have renewed their contracts with an average tenure upwards of 11 years.

We treat all customers as our only customer and we know our users only expect excellence. Our highly qualified in-house support team are on hand to assist you 24/7, 365 days a year. And they all understand the demands of a fast past live environment  – Sotic ensure that in the run up to and during live events, we are always on hand to assist in ensuring all runs smoothly.

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